Do you want to embosse the ring?

Couple rings, also referred to as Promise rings are commonly described as any rings that are swapped between couples. They symbolize love and commitment.

When is the best time to exchange CoupleSets Couple Rings?

Couple rings are appropriate to be worn at any time in a relationship. Couples aren't always prepared for marriage, but this doesn't mean they aren't loyal and committed to each other. In these situations it is the ideal way to signify the commitment of a couple. This is the initial step in a serious relationship. It's a promise to be loyal and devoted. It also serves as a sign of a commitment to love someone for the rest of their lives.

Which Finger do you wear the Couple Rings?

A lot of couples prefer to wear the ring on their ring finger while some prefer the middle finger. We've seen a few wear the ring on their middle or 4th finger normally on the right hand. Recently, we've seen more people wearing rings around their necks.

After their marriage, couples who get married typically swap their rings from left hand to the right. However, this choice is entirely personal and subject to your personal preference.

What is the Difference Between the Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring?

The engagement ring can only have one meaning. It is a gift to someone with an engagement ring once you're ready to marry. Sometimes, engagement rings are used for proposing to your loved one. If she agrees to your proposal, she will wear the ring on her ring finger of her left hand. You're also engaged and married.

For Marriage

Rings can also be worn as wedding rings. Wedding rings come in various designs. In fact, they are exactly the same. A bride and groom normally exchange the rings during their wedding ceremony. They will place rings on each other's fourth finger of the left hand following the ceremony of vows.

Another reason to buy one or two rings:

You want to show how important you are and how much you have for each other.

You're hoping to show your commitment to one another.

It is possible that you are involved in a relationship which is extended and you're looking to let your partner know that you're still committed to one another and the relationship.

The ring could also be a way to commemorate a significant moment in your relationship.

We know of many people who have purchased rings with engravings. The engraving could include names of the other party and an event date, like the first time they've seen each other or their anniversary.


Price does not have to be high. It's just as long as you find a pair that the two of you like. The process of buying a piece of jewellery today is a lot easier and fuss-free. We have plenty cheap jewellery made from top quality metal on our website. Shopping online is easy today.

In Brief:

It's a unique and significant moment for you. You are able to give at any point during a relationship. It's all up to you if you're at your best! This indicates that you're committed to your relationship.

We encourage couples to talk about what rings mean to them. The rings will be given a new meaning. Tell each other what meaning the rings have to you.


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