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Whizzinator Whizzinator is a machine used for passing urine drug tests. It is made up of fake penis, fake urine and other ingredients. If you are using this product ensure that you follow all directions with care.

Although the Whizzinator is a source of ethical issues, it's won wide praise for its tool to help people avoid probation drug tests which involve the urinalysis test. Furthermore, its success rate is extremely high.

1. Put it inside your pants

The Whizzinator is a realistic prosthetic penis that has an external bladder. It was first getting attention in 2005 after the former Minnesota Viking Onterrio smith was arrested for using one in airport security. After being charged with conspiracy to market drug paraphernalia as well as fraudulently defrauding the government, its usage was later banned, and the parent company was forced to shut it down.

Though it's advertised as an sexual toy gadget actually can assist people to get through drug tests without being detected. It has everything you need for the production of synthetic urine at actual temperatures and for obtaining samples without being caught - including fake penis with leg straps that secure its shaft 2 bottles of high-quality SYNTHETIC URINE with different strength, a temperature gauge/reusable recharge pump and extensive instruction manual.

2. Avoid snorting it

Whizzinator is a fake urine kit which can be used to fool experts in the urine drug test. It comes with the appearance of a penis and a cleansing the syringe, 4 heating pads to regulate it's temperature and an instruction manual for its use. Please be aware that cheating on a drug test can be a crime or unlawful in some states.

Alternate Lifestyle Systems (ALS) located in Long Beach, CA manufactures the Whizzinator Kit, which has an impressive success rate when it comes to clearing drug tests. The kit is made up of several components - such as creatine to simulate the density and pH balance of real pee, this gadget could cause ethical problems however it could also save an employment possibility should drug tests show up in a sudden manner. ALS promotes the importance of user accountability with its 14-day return period on all unopened items. This kit can have ethical implications, it could even save job interviews that are not scheduled or job interviews if you pass unannounced tests for drug use!

3. Make sure it's clean

The Whizzinator, created by Alternative Lifestyle Systems (ALS) is a penis-like device that is designed to assist people in passing drug tests in urine. With marijuana becoming legalized in more states and employers continue their drug testing policies, interest has grown for this product.

Even though ALS has stopped promoting their product for use to get a positive urine sample, determined users still utilize it for this purpose. Important to keep on your toes that fraudulently giving urine samples can lead to significant legal penalties based on the circumstance and the type of test.

A careful consideration should be taken when using the Whizzinator. If you can ensure that the synthetic urine bag is clean and of appropriate temperature can increase your chances of passing a exam. To understand the direction of these FAKE URINE, people can consult the below link .

4. Place it in a container

The Whizzinator device is designed to help users pass the urine drug test without being detected. It is comprised of fake urine, fake penis, syringe as well as heating pads, a the leg and waistband straps. its design allows users to remain completely unnoticed while passing the tests.

Synthetic urine can be mixed according to the instructions in its manual. It is then injecting directly into a Whizzinator bag with the help of a dispensing syringe. Heating pads will ensure that its temperatures range from 98 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

Though marketed as a sexual toy, the Whizzinator serves an important purpose in avoiding the urine drug test. This tool is especially helpful when probationers undergo drug testing or when detox products can't be located quickly enough. ALS stresses the responsibility of the user with a an 14-day refund policy. When users online make use of this website online, they are able to get details about SYNTHETIC PEE.

5. Take it with you

Many users have shared positive Whizzinator reviews on the internet, and have expressed gratitude for the high satisfaction rate at helping them clear urine tests in a way that is not noticed. The kit, which is discreetly offered as a sex-themed toy is complete with fake urinary powders, needles heating pads faux peniss, and waistbands that make it simple to access.


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