What are the applications of CNC Tube Bender in furniture manufacturing industry?

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When it comes to the industry characteristics of CNC Tube Bender, we will analyze the application scope of CNC Tube Bender. Whether it is a flat curved pipe fitting or a key piece of three-dimensional bending, CNC Tube Bender can easily and quickly bend. These keys are widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, shipbuilding, nuclear power and other fields, the pipe and pipe fittings processed by CNC Tube Bender are used as the transport path of gas and liquid. The catheter processed by CNC Tube Bender is just like the blood vessels of the human body in various equipment. Therefore, the catheter is also an important part of modern large aircraft, military aircraft, special aircraft and aircraft. It transmits various media to the engine, landing gear and other parts to meet the various functional requirements of aircraft fuel, hydraulic, environmental control and other systems.

Compared with the price of hydraulic Tube Bender, the price of CNC Tube Bender is much higher, but it is still very advantageous for pipe bending in the furniture industry, especially for pipe bending processing such as seats, and the price of CNC equipment is higher than that of hydraulic tube bender. But why is the hydraulic Tube Bender still so popular in the furniture industry? In fact, it is not difficult to understand that for small businesses, the price of more than ten or even hundreds of thousands of CNC Tube Bender is a major obstacle. And CNC Tube Bender, after all, the price is so high that it must be less flexible than hydraulic tube bender to make rude words. Because the hydraulic pipe bender has a low cost, the technical difficulty of after-sales maintenance is much lower, and the repair cost also has a lot of advantages.

With the development and progress of science and technology, the machine tool products of the pipe bending machine and pipe processing machinery industry also have a leap forward in reform and replacement, which benefits from the demand for the pipe bending machine pipe processing machinery and equipment industry in China in recent years. In recent years, with the progress and development of our society, many related supporting facilities in the machine tool industry, such as pipe bending machine, pipe cutting machine, pipe shrinking machine and other pipe processing equipment, in the face of years of scientific and technological research and development and innovation, the development of pipe bending machine, hydraulic pipe bending machine, automatic pipe bending machine, CNC Tube Bender.

CNC Tube Bender https://www.john-sheng.com/CNC-Tube-Bender


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